The Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Outbreak of World War II and the 20th Anniversary of the Collapse of Communism in Central Europe

This web site has been created to commemorate the events which gave rise to Europe as a community of sovereign states, free of totalitarianism.

Now, twenty years later, we may calmly reflect about the meaning of the half century between the outbreak of World War II and the collapse of communism. This year gives us a special opportunity to link these two dates, and to consider their meaning as cornerstones of the tragic history of the twentieth century.

Nazism and communism – two totalitarian systems, of which Poland was a victim – changed the nation to an almost irreversible degree, affecting its social, political and cultural life. These criminal systems and degrading ideologies were overcome by the determination of a nation that longed for freedom and truth.

The motto of the commemoration, It all began in Poland, is a bold reference to the fact that Poland was the first European nation to oppose, in 1939, the spread of Nazism and communism, and was the first to remove their communist government from power in 1989. The motto stresses the universal natures of these events – Poland is, after all, an integral part of Europe and the world.


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